The Big Bang Theory – The Complete First Season
Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco
Originally aired CBS 2007-08
3 DVD 17 episodes
Warner Home Video 2008

Einstein and Einstein meet hubba hubba in The Big Bang Theory, a situation comedy that is lots of fun to watch despite the omnipresent laugh track At a time when many are decrying the lack of quality sitcoms, the 17 episodes of The Big Bang Theory The Complete First Season prove it is still possible to create original TV comedy with solid acting and excellent writing: ubernerds uberfunny

In fact, this show is so smart and original – the characters are not monosyllabic and the cute blonde is not stupid — it is surprising it aired at all.

Johnny Galecki (Darlene’s boyfriend David on Roseanne) and Jim Parsons play nerds²  Leonard and Sheldon, university physicists who share an apartment. The force is with them until the day the very bodacious Penny (Kaley Cuoco) moves into the apartment next door. Understanding quantum physics is nothing compared to understanding women and it seems understanding women is even more difficult when you do understand quantum physics.

What I especially like about The Big Bang Theory is it is one of very, very few American situation comedies not afraid of intelligence. Leonard, Sheldon, and their two even geekier friends often spout some rather far out concepts in between games of Klingon Boggle and Superman marathons. The good thing is most of the humor has nothing to do with science and a lot to do with superb writing.

A lot of the science is hard to fathom although you do learn that in real life Lois Lane would be sliced in three if Superman caught her after she fell from a helicopter.  I like a sitcom that’s educational too!

Since I am a comedy ubernerd, I must point out Sheldon and Leonard are a reference to Sheldon Leonard, 60s sitcom actor and producer also famous for being the topic of Bill Cosby’s routine about going swimming.

Look for Sara Gilbert aka Darlene in 4 episodes of the The Big Bang Theory The Complete First Season and Laurie Metcalf aka Jackie as Sheldon’s mom in episode 4.

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