The second most favorite feature on Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion show after the News From Lake Wobegon is certainly the adventures of Guy Noir, Private Eye. The early Guy Noir adventures on this CD tend to be fairly repetitive: Guy gets a call from someone where Garrison Keillor is taping the show, sort of investigates it, not much happens aside from a few jokes, and then he closes the case. There are sometimes variations of the theme like when Guy Noir goes to the corner bar or something. This could be why Highbridge Audio’s Guy Noir : Radio Private Eye is, to date.  only one of two Garrison Keillor CD collections of Guy Noir stories from the Lake Wobegon radio show.

Guy Noir : Radio Private Eye features Garrison Keillor and Walter Bobbie as Pete. Who is Pete? He is the guy who in the very early adventures of the Prairie Home Companion detective ended up shooting and killing Guy Noir at the end of the funny story. Even these early stories are repetitive. Guy works on a case, Pete shows up, Pete kills Guy, sometimes Guy kills Pete too, play end music. There are eight such stories on this mystery comedy CD and after a listen, it’s hard to remember which is which. Then again, this is also the case for many Lake Woebegone ( Wobegon ) stories of late. It is increasingly difficult to tell your Krebsbachs apart, more and more difficult to tell one funny story about growing tomatoes from another funny story about growing tomatoes and so on. I even get the feeling sometimes that Garrison Keillor himself sometimes does not quite remember which news from Lake Woebegone he has already told and which is really new.

So, if you are a fan of Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion, and I still kind of am sometimes, and a fan of Guy Noir, do yourself a favor and skip this early Guy Noir: Radio Private Eye comedy CD. You will hear a similar story on Prairie Home Companion next week. If you cannot do without, try The Adventures Of Guy Noir CD instead.

Guy Noir – Radio Private Eye
Garrison Keillor
1 CD HighBridge Audio

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