Although I usually have my finger on the pulse of the stand-up comedy scene, every once in a while an album release will slip by me and go unnoticed.  One such album is the stand-up comedy MP3 release by James Adomian titled Low Hangin’ Fruit that was released a few months back in August, 2012 by Earwolf Records.

I do not typically like comics who do voices or impressions, primarily because these voices and impressions are usually forced into the performer’s act in very unnatural ways.  Moreover, the situations are usually pretty trite or contrived, or both.  Hey, what would it be like if Jack Nicholson and Will Smith were both at the grocery store buying grapefruit?  It might go a little something like this …

No, it would not go a little something like that.  Write some good material.

Fortunately, there are comics who use voices and impressions not to cover up a weak act, but to highlight and enhance a good act.  Maria Bamford comes to mind as the absolute epitome of a comic who brilliantly uses voices and characters to enhance already brilliant material.  Adomian shares that description.

James Adomian voices such characters as the “generic beer commercial dude,” the impatient New Yorker, broadcasters, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and folks like Jesse Ventura.  The impressions are spot on, and the underlying material is solid.

The albums opens with “light” or easily approachable material including Facebook and television, and then shifts into more political and personal stuff, including an incident in which Adomian was a victim of gay bashing.  Light or heavy, James Adomian handles it all with skill, and is very funny.

This is a well crafted hour of stand-up, and I look forward to seeing/hearing more of Adomian.

Low Hangin Fruit
James Adomian
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Earwolf 2012

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