Prairie Home Comedy is a compilation of 34 funny songs and comedy sketches featuring Garrison Keillor on 2 CD.

This being a reissue, the bits date back to the mid to late eighties. There is a lightheartedness in these sketches that has since waned from A Prairie Home Companion. There is no News From Lake Wobegon on this CD set but that, believe it or not, goes unnoticed.

Prairie Home Comedy is big, very big on musical comedy. CD 1 includes I Am a Tenor, the IN and Out Cat Song, and the Aida inspired Car Trip to name but a few. Second Methodist Church is a letter Keillor reads about the various famous musical directors (Wagner, Debussy, John Philip Sousa, and so on) the church has had over the years.

CD 2 opens with the story of Francis Scott Key, Bob Wilson Month (a spoof of the melodious Bob Dylan) and Mavis and Marvin Smiley, the couple lack of musical talent never stopped.

Also big on this Garrison Keillor CD set are fake commercials and other short bits. A favorite is American Artistic Association (CD 1), a nice message about accepting compliments gracefully.  CD 2 has a very funny poem titled The Old Shower Stall. Losing Your Job is sadly enough still appropriate.

Prairie Home Companion CDs are a favorite for long family car trips. This set will really please if your family is more musically inclined than most

Prairie Home Comedy – Radio Songs and Sketches
Garrison Keillor
2 CD set
HighBridge Audio 2010

Track List

Tracks on Prairie Home Comedy Radio Songs & Sketches by Garrison Keillor are: Freelance Writer; American Artistic Association; I Am a Tenor; Car Trip; Memories of Pain; The Management Assumes No Responsibility; Second Methodist Church; Moodism; Reaching Out; Sex; Washing Your Hands; The In and Out Cat Song; The Story of Thanksgiving; My Grandmother’s Cat; Animals of Other Lands; Winter Madrigal; The Francis S. Key Story; The Ballad of Peanut Butter; Winged Motivational Products; Twelfth Street Tag; The Old Shower Stall; Am I Boring?; Adversity; Bob Wilson Month; Mavis & Marvin Smiley; American Music Association; Losing Your Job; Vanilla; How Does Our Brain Work?; Dad Angel; Old Folks at Home Cottage Cheese; Swanee Tag; The Announcer; Tuna the Food of My Soul



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