In an October newsletter to his fans, Gary Gulman admits In This Economy is not that different from 2012’s No Can Defend on Comedy Central. It is to his credit. In This Economy is still a good stand-up comedy mp3 album and if you are not familiar with the previous release, it is a good addition to a comedy collection.

In This Economy has for premise that things are tough all over. This sets up a bit about Blockbuster and Netflix, a story about a guy with a Discman,  and a bit about the original Karate Kid  movie. These are the most blatant borrowings from the previous album. Others are the JCC basketball bit, and the Brita bit.

The heart of this comedy mp3 is the three part On Billionaires with jabs at Bill Gates and the much less fortunate Donald Trump. There is something both funny and telling as hell to hear that for Bill Gates to get the thrill you and I get when we find 20$ somewhere he would have to find 12 million dollars or 600,000 twenty dollar bills. These are the tracks those who already have No Can Defend will want to download.

Gary Gulman is a smart, basically clean, comic whose observational and biographical humor is never in mean mode. This is a welcome change. In This Economy is a solid buy if you are unfamiliar with this comic. This title comes from Comedy Dynamics

In This Economy?
Gary Gulman
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Comedy Dynamics 2013

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