Gary Gulman is probably most well-known as a finalist in NBC’s Last Comic Standing.  He works almost completely clean, and has an unsurpassed ability to deconstruct almost any subject and turn any topic in a 10 minute bit.

Given his chosen subject matter, Gulman is almost “unfairly” funny.  By that, I simply mean that Gulman is not breaking down any barriers and delving into any unchartered territory in the topics he chooses to discuss.  As an example, he has a bit on this album in which he discusses the Sony Walkman.  This is 2012, and he’s doing Walkman humor.  Digital music and MP3 players have been around for about 15 years, so you would think a bit about the Sony Walkman would be tired and unfunny.  Well, somehow, in the hands of Gulman, it is not.

If you’ve heard Gary Gulman’s previous album, Conversations with Inanimate Objects, you know Gulman has a knack for personifying inanimate objects.  His 10+ minute bit about the grapefruit is a perfect example.  In his latest effort, he has a similar bit about the semi-colon and grammar that is fantastic.

Other bits on this album include his love for Netflix and hate for Blockbuster (questioning how Blockbuster could have gone out of business considering his $35,000 in late fees), and a roughly 15 minute bit on movies.  The title of Gary Gulman ‘s album is derived from a line in the movie The Karate Kid, in which Mr. Miyagi tells Daniel that the crane kick is a powerful move because “no can defend.”  That leads into a discussion about how watching a movie as an adult that you loved as a kid can lead to a very different experience.

There is no political humor, no cringe humor, and nothing is going to shock you.  The topics are all tame, but all of them are funny.

No Can Defend
Gary Gulman
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