Emotional Terrorism
Darren Frost
Stand-up Comedy DVD
54 minutes + extras
Available at comic’s website

Darren Frost is not for the faint of heart or faint of brain. There are many nasty, in your face, cringe comics out there but there is only one who has a Dora the Explorer golden shower joke and that man is Darren Frost. Emotional Terrorism is a 54-minute trip down the dark rabbit, or rabies hole of his mind. This comedy dvd is funny as hell. It is like nothing you have ever seen before, ever.

Filmed with quality equipment at a Yuk Yuk’s London, Emotional Terrorism, like any nasty strain, starts off mild with a solid and intelligently subtle bit about instant YouTube fame. The show then continues with other standard comedy fare about the economy, the low birth rate in Canada, and bad TV shows. But, this is a Darren Frost show so you have never heard this material the way he does it, including the Hello Kitty anal leakage touch.

Nothing is sacred to this man. Not even his kids, his and their health issues, and the weirdest vasectomy bit out there. It turns out Frost’s balls really are that big…..

The cool thing about seeing Frost on DVD is you can enjoy seeing his face light up like a mad jack-o-lantern every time the audience oooohhhhs what he just said.

At some point in the YouTube bit, Frost says that when he dies he wants people to write the truth on his wall. I will do it now: He is the funniest in your face comic you will ever see.

Special features on this DVD include the one-hour 2008 release Laughing Away the Tears (there is a link to my review for that down this page), a clip where someone throws a glass at Frost, and the cancer heckler clip included with this review.

By the way, the artwork on the jacket and the DVD menu page is really cool.

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