Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin can anyone to look at the cover and title of this stand-up comedy MP3 album  and figure out what this is.

Marketing wise Cardio Mix –yes, that is the title—belongs with the Edsel and New Coke.  That said, this Beards of Comedy release on Comedy Central records features 4 comics and an hour or so of short routine stand-up in front of a coldish crowd. This MP3 album is quite good and varied and a good bang for your Amazon buck.

The beards of comedy are Andy Sandford, Joe Zimmerman, TJ Young, and Dave Stone. They are different enough stand-ups to make this compilation interesting yet not so different their presence is jarring.

Andy Sandford opens Beards of Comedy. He has solid biographical material, some of which is more interesting that your usual stuff. His baseball bit is one of the highlights of this MP3 album.

Joe Zimmerman has a weak opening involving audience surveys. The idea is fun but does not work.  His relationship material makes up for it, especially the threesome – orgy joke. The Papa John`s bit is very original; I wish it has gone longer. The rest of his set is really solid and original. Scary Movies also stands out.

TJ Young opens with shark routine from which I will be stealing a like. You will never watch Mixed Martial Arts the same way after hearing his bit on it.  Young has a couple of very good bits on things changing, hybrid cars, and a very funny take on “There`s no place like home.” Anyone who hears it will borrow.

Closing Beards of Comedy Cardio Mix is Dave Stone. He is a big guy so has the compulsory food bits. He has a solid bit on being almost retarded, a routine on saving up for the Wendy`s special someone else stole recently. His self-administered healthcare routine is very good.

The bonus track, “Sad Song” really does not do it for me.

Cardio Mix
Beards of Comedy
Stand-up Comedy MP3
Comedy Central Records 2011

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