Conversations With Inanimate Objects is the one with the cookie bit. It is a comedy CD that features comedy of the mundane and it is funny, interesting, and unique.

Gary Gulman is in part an autobiographical stand-up comic whose humor resides in his take on the little, every day things we all have in common.

In a comedic world overpopulated with in your face agenda comics, Gulman is a refreshing and different voice.

The set starts out quite energetically and the fun does not let up until the end. Gulman may, at the beginning, sound a little vain as he makes a big comedic deal about his hair but soon veers into a more self-conscious series of jokes about his height and the strange questions people ask him about that.

You then get a bit of autobiographical comedy as he covers his parents, elementary school, and having and not having a job. He also pokes fun at Pepsi calling itself The Cola when we all know Coke is it.

Gulman effortlessly segues into observational comedy as he points out everybody knows what pill we are all talking about when we say The Pill. His take on the usefulness of NFL cheerleaders, Rocky and other movies, is funny and unique, as are his jokes on animal shows in the very funny The Walrus.

Although The Grapefruit is a unique and very original piece, the highlight of this very solid funny CD and worth the price alone is the 8 or so minutes Gulman does at the end of Conversations With An Inanimate Object on cookies.

Every good comic has a bit his audience expects to hear night in and night out. The Hierarchy of Cookies is the kind of comic bit Gulman will be asked to perform many years from now.

His take on Oreos, fig newtons, girl scout cookies, especially the samoan, and his sarcastic take on Pepperidge Farm’s exotic names and fancy presentation for what is, in the end, just a cookie, is absolutely brilliant, as is his take on the Keebler Elves. This comic also manages to segue to jokes about the Chinese and smoothly close the set out by bringing everybody back to the cookie.

Gary Gulman kills.

Conversations With Inanimate Objects
Gary Gulman
stand-up comedy CD
Mild Parental Advisory
Comedy Dynamics

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