Just Representin’ the stand-up comedy CD by Gilbert Esquivel is ordinary.

So is Gilbert Esquivel. We are talking middle-of-the-road, nothing new, nothing different, and, unfortunately, not much original.

Does the following supposedly funny joke sound familiar? “If you do all your banking at a liquor store; you are a Mezquin!” (track 4 Mexicans vs Mezquins). Just Representin’ is a lot like that throughout.

Gilbert Esquivel is a good stand-up comic but he is just another face in the crowd.

There’s a little bit of everything on this stand-up comedy CD. Just Representin has some form of social comment, some autobiographical (supposedly) material, some relationship jokes, and whatever else other comedians do.

Not only does Gilbert Esquivel not stand out as a stand-up but even if we compare him only to other Latino comics he does not sound any different or particularly original.

Gilbert Esquivel
Just Representin’
Stand-Up Comedy CD

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