Latino comic George Lopez, star of the originally titled George Lopez television sitcom, has a third stand-up comedy CD out, El Mas Chingon (the Baddest).

His first two were Team Leader and Right Now Right Now. If you are a fan of Latino comedy, or a hispanophone El Mas Chingon will give you as much pleasure as the very hot, very loud, and very appreciative crowd you can hear on this recording. Having a bit of Spanish will certainly help in getting every joke on this stand-up comedy CD as George Lopez sprinkles a lot of material with Spanish.

Though this stand-up comedy CD is labeled Parental Advisory the material itself is not particularly offensive and the language is the kind you will hear on HBO all the time. George Lopez is an observational and biographical stand-up comic and El Mas Chingon is an interesting mixture of comedy about Latinos, his family, and his children. Many comics do material about how much easier kids have it today and Lopez has a few bits on that but I found his take on that original and, most importantly, funny.

A lot of the comedy on El Mas Chingon is very Latino but most of it is accessible to an audience less familiar with Hispanic comics. I particularly enjoyed Church Hangover and White Dudes In The Family (which features a rather subtle, very quick but biting comment on Latino men as boyfriends). Also very enjoyable is Will, a track with a lot of very short observational jokes. A much more biting track is Operation Chorizo where Lopez speculates what would happen if Latinos left the United States for a day.

George Lopez has a strong following and it seems everybody who loves him showed up at the recording of this CD. This makes for a raucous but very high energy show and stand-up comedy CD. El Mas Chingon is a solid release.

George Lopez
El Mas Chingon
Stand-up Comedy CD
Oglio 2006
55 minutes


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