Arj Barker LYAO = PMP (peed my pants). It’s still 2009 and this stand-up comedy CD comes out January 2010 but I am convinced this Arj Barker CD will be on our top ten list for 2010 and most probably be number 1 on that list.

LYAO really is that good. This is a generally clean stand-up comedy CD DVD set and well worth the investment.

What really impresses about this stand-up comedy CD and DVD is how varied the genres are. Barker does relationship comedy, social commentary, political humor, comedy of the absurd and surreal, and a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t quite identify but is funny as hell.

Barker sometimes does this in a single routine. A good example of WTF, track 3 of LYAO.  It includes a reference to Somalian pirates and Disney, a newspaper headline joke, a bizarre spin on Doctors Without Borders that includes a godawful pun and a kicker on the old Is there a doctor in the house?

The absurd comedy here includes a bit on global warming that segues nicely into an astronomy routine and a predictive texting bit with a really good font joke, and an amazing bit on WW II,  Now, how many comics do you know who can do war, astronomy, and font comedy?

Arj Barker LYAO also includes an ode to water, a Shakespearean bit about showering, a bit about aging, and a brilliant set up involving a kid coming into your life.

This brilliant stand-up comedy CD and DVD closes with a great bit on small print on the radio and the observation poo is what unites mankind.

Arj Barker
Stand-up Comedy CD and DVD
Warner Brothers 2010

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