Glenn Wool stand-up comedy album No Man’s Land has been on heavy rotation on my Ipod for the last five or six weeks and I still find it brilliant.

True, I do have an affinity for comics with a bite and a dark side but there is much more to Wool than that.  He is also very smart and original and definitely knows how to build and build up a set. This comedy album is, to sort of quote the comic “stronger than a Down syndrome farmer on steroids.”   comedy download at Amazon

The core of No Man’s Land is a long form routine why an Indonesian customs officer started to have second thoughts about giving Wool a cavity search. In a lesser comic’s hands there would be a lot of scatological references and  “bad” language. Instead, Glenn Wool uses this as the canvas for very interesting and funny biographical, social, and satirical humor.

The various stories that set up the final punch are also excellent. One that stands out is Pukelpop, the story about a Belgian music fest and an Iron Maiden concert. I also appreciate Wool’s attention to detail such as when he gives Wendal (The Beaver Messiah) a Canadian accent.

This is truly a superb album.

No Man’s Land
Glen Wool
Comedy CD or download album
Stand Up! Records 2014

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