I’ll Ask Her
Glenn Wool
Stand-up comedy CD and download
Stand up! Records 2013

Glenn Wool is an acquired taste worth acquiring. His maniacal and seemingly drunk persona takes some getting used to, as does the screaming. Once you get used to all that Glenn Wool is a very smart comic whose material really isn’t as haphazard and disorganized as it seems to be. Granted, it took me a half dozen listenings of his 2012 stand-up comedy MP3 album I’ll Ask Her to figure this all out but there you go.

The title refers in part to a running reference to a hookup Wool was supposed to have but never showed up and in part to his ex and the possibility of having a kid.

There are a couple of superb bits on I’ll Ask Her. One is Big Rick, a bit about religion and society’s need for someone to tell them what to do. Another is Racist But about an encounter with a London cabbie.

The rest is solid.

I do feel Wool still tends to oversell some of his lines but that is part of his style.

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