Glenn Wool’s declamatory style takes a bit of getting used to and is a matter of taste. If you are not certain  at first, listening to his comedy MP3 album This Road Has Tolls will prove Wool is a clever and smart comic who gives an excellent performance from start to finish.

Glenn Wool is a biographical comic whose social commentary is on point. It is also sometimes a bit weird as in his theory as to what happened to Indonesia Airlines flight 8501. Of course no such stand-up comedy is complete with commentary on religion and a story about the comic’s worst show ever. I have grown tired of the latter but Wool’s is pretty solid.

The highlight of this comedy album for me is the long form bit about karma where Glenn Wool‘s past and his days in London, England prove to have repercussions years later. This fifteen-some minute routine is made of three seamless bits. I am also quite partial to Veterans where the comedian takes on our politically correct overly sensitive world.

There is not a bad moment on this comedy download. If you are uncertain about it, try the track Horse Emancipation first, it should convince you.

This Road Has Tolls
Glenn Wool
Stand up comedy download MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2017

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