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One thing both Concierge (2013) and Welcome to Elbow (2014) clearly show is that Flip Schultz is very good at riffing with the crowd. These segments are the highlight of both comedy MP3 albums.  The rest of the material is also very strong but it is the interactions with the audience and how far Schultz pushes the encounter that make both albums memorable.

Schultz is a biographical and observational comic who tells stories about his relationship and comments on shows like Duck Dynasty or the Canadian government admits there are aliens out there. He also has a talent for the ridiculous such as the bit about the witch doctor cursing Ouija boards at Parker Brothers. I really wished he’d gone further with that last one.

My favorite moment on Concierge is Steven Hawking’s Divorce. Once again, the moments with the audience are also memorable. This album is also worth your while.

Schultz’ one drawback as a comic is he is a bit lazy when it comes to swearing. It is more than appropriate at times but sometimes it just gets in the way of the material. Also, and because I am never really content, I think Schultz, who says he took a couple of courses in quantum physics, is a smarter comic than he lets on, and I wish he pushed that a bit more.

Check our our other Flip Schultz reviews and you will see this guy is very reliable.

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