Greg Giraldo is a much better comic than the Comedy Central Roasts show. Granted, this is not saying much but on his second stand-up comedy CD Midlife Vices

Greg Giraldo is a chameleon comic who can high brow and low brow in the same breath. His stand-up comedy is wide ranging, generally intelligent, and sometimes too adult oriented.

I am not a particularly big fan of Giraldo as I find him a bit lazy (for example one bit features yet another hotel housekeeping joke), but Midlife Vices is an excellent comedy CD. The show opens with a wickedly funny bit of observations about New York City. Other routines include a strong one on the handicapped room and great original long routine on kids. “When I was a kid and you had asthma, people beat up on you. Now, every kid has some sort of apparatus, helmet, pills….”

What impresses on Midlife Vices is Giraldo’s range of topics and how smoothly routines segue together.

What annoys me a bit, just enough to be noticeable really, is the comic often drops in an easy, obvious joke in the middle of an otherwise original and solid stand-up bit or milks and dirties up a lame bit like the Snacks joke. He is like a pitcher who has great speed but underhands one every inning.

Something else about Giraldo that annoys is his tendency to do a very adult bit for no particular reason that is out of sync with the show. A great example of that is the animal sex bit that he also milks.

Greg Giraldo Midlife Vices is also available on DVD. The advantage to the stand-up comedy CD is you do not have to skip the lame pre-show skit Comedy Central insists on. The disadvantage is you do not get the bonus Comedy Central Presents Greg Giraldo and the pilot episode for Adult Content with Greg Giraldo.

Midlife Vices
Greg Giraldo
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central 2009

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