Norm MacDonald Me Doing Standup is a very good stand-up comedy album.

This comic’s somewhat forced and disjointed delivery is a turn-off to some, including me, but on this stand-up comedy CD the material makes that irrelevant. MacDonald has something and something original to say and it is funny too. A couple of the stand-up bits, one on Tiger Woods and an audience suggested O.J. will not last but the rest of the material is going to.

Me Doing Standup opens with “It’s Good to be Alive” a solid routine on life and mostly death. It is followed by a very funny and cynical bit about waging a battle against cancer and the language for it. This bit should be played to whoever has cancer.

Especially good on this stand-up comedy CD is “The News”, a long form routine where MacDonald tells the story of a missing person. It is really funny and dead on.

The next bit, “Best Disease Ever” segues nicely into “I Don’t Drink” and “Sex” which comically posits sex is a shameful thing

The one really weak moment on Norm MacDonald Me Doing Standup is the end of the San Francisco bit where MacDonald spoils a really intelligent and funny bit about parents joining their child in the gay pride parade with an over the top, even too crude for an adult movie, closer.

Norm MacDonald Me Doing Standup is also available on DVD.

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Me Doing Standup
Norm MacDonald
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2011
60 minutes

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