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The Ugly Truth
Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler
Directed by Robert Luketic
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
96 minutes

If you are straight and still some single girl’s “best friend” do her a favor and buy her The Ugly Truth Blu-ray. I absolutely love this romantic comedy because it features a real man, something never seen in chick flicks. Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) also has balls, again something never seen in a relationship comedy, and speaks the truth about men and women in relationship. If you disagree with this, let me remind you the title of this movie is The Ugly Truth. Then again, I am still single so there you go.

In The Ugly Truth Katherine Heigl plays Abby Richter. Abby is single and produces the morning show in Sacramento. The show’s ratings are in the basement. She accidentally comes across a local cable show called The Ugly Truth where Mike Chadway gives women advice relationship based on how men really are. Mike ends up on Abby’s morning show and the ratings skyrocket.

Mike also plays Cyrano when Abby falls for the new guy next door, a guy who meets 9 of her 10 requirements. Heigl and Butler have good on screen chemistry and this ads to the sparkle in this movie.

This romantic comedy features adult language and mild adult situations. Then again, if you are watching this Blu-ray you do not have kids to worry about, do you?

This is a chick flick so it follows a few of the usual formulaic story lines and resolution possibilities. This is unfortunately why The Ugly Truth loses a bit of its sparkle about two thirds in.

The good thing is Mike gets to keep his gonads.

The Ugly Truth Blu-ray special features include BD Live, alternate endings, deleted scenes, select scenes commentary, gag reel, The Ugly Truth Capturing the Male and Female Point of View, and a Making Of.


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