Not being particularly partial to stand-up comic Joe Rogan, it is more difficult to figure out how good his 2010 stand-up comedy CD Talking Monkeys In Space really is.

If you take away all the useless adult and scatological language this comic uses as a crutch, this comedy CD turns out to be two thirds decent. The last third of Talking Monkeys In Space is a pointless and not funny at all Q&A with the audience that is of interest only to hard core Joe Rogan fans.

There is some solid stand-up comedy on this Joe Rogan CD. The opening bit on pot is pretty good stuff. Rogan chooses to split it with a bit on having a baby. That routine is also good stuff but it does break the rhythm of the pot bit.

The strongest routine on Talking Monkeys In Outer Space is the nature bit where Joe Rogan talks about what really is natural. This includes the Mount Everest bit and a good bit on ants and chimp prostitution.

The stand-up comedy on this CD closes with ordinary bits about Dr. Phil and masturbation. On both counts, Joe Rogan could have done better.

As for the Q&A with the audience? You will save a few bucks if you buy the MP3 version and skip these tracks

Joe Rogan Talking Monkeys In Space CD is not any different from the DVD aside from not including pointless and banal special features.

Talking Monkeys In Space
Joe Rogan
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central 2010
68 minutes plus extras

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