Bad Omen by stand-up comic Jake Flores is a fun enough stand-up comedy download.

Jake Flores is a biographical and somewhat observational comic who, for some reason, comes across as jaded. Perhaps this is because he refers to what he does as “this bullshit” and “this shit” and it does not sound he says it in jest.

Bad Omen features some solid bits like the second track on why Texas is woke when it comes to gender neutral pronouns.

A lot of the other material is good comedy club fare. Unfortunately, the material often does not go further than the premise. For example, the bookstore that offers sex classes on Sundays. We get the info but that’s it.

What makes this stand-up comedy download fun but not solid is the last and longest track on the album. In Cinco de Mayo Flores premises with the fact he was investigated by Homeland Security. The bit itself is a convoluted story about how one could become acceptably racist according to the number of ICE agents one takes out. It is hard to follow Flores in his reasoning and nothing much seems to have come out of the Homeland Security visit aside from them now having a file on the stand-up comic.

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Bad Omen
Jake Flores
Stand-up comedy download
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