I really do not understand the title of this stand-up comedy album.

Keith Lowell Jensen is a very entertaining comic, his comedy is solid, and his audience is more than willing to enjoy itself. If you like biographical comedy that seems to just aim to be entertaining but is more than that you are going to like this comedy album. It is adult material at times.

Lowell Jensen opens with the importance of having a catch phrase. His is “that’s it, that’s the joke” and it applies to his material to a T. This comic has an odd sense of humor as the track about his last wishes are or the vegan approach to shooting ranges.

Lowell Jensen then explains how his daughter Max became famous on Twitter and this allows him to tell a few stories about his daughter. The material does not really rise above proud father stuff but he makes in funny and interesting nonetheless. The best is when she asks him questions while watching Charlie Chaplin Modern Times.

Things get a bit serious and adult near the end of Bad Comedy For Bad People when the comic talks about a tattoo quoting Leviticus and the “thou shalt not lie with a man …”. This segues into a bit about the infamous slippery slope and then reproductive rights. This is where Keith Lowell Jensen gets really serious. It is an interesting change and it works.

There is an encore track available on the CD – DVD set only on his teen years, his loss of faith, and falling in love with a girl who really believed and invited him to a lock in that was not as innocent as you would think. The routine itself is not as innocent as it started out to be. It is worth getting the CD – DVD combo just for it

Bad Comedy For Bad People
Keith Lowell Jensen
Stand-up comedy CD with DVD or comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2018

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  1. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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