Jeff Wayne kills. Jeff Wayne aka Big Daddy kills every politically correct attitude. He kills every winey minority. He kills vegetarians, non-smokers, criminals, liberal do-gooder, dolphins, and whales. It’s O.K. To Be Right, the Jeff Wayne stand-up comedy CD is very smart stand-up by a comic whose material creates a little unease in the crowd he then¬†uses to get bigger laughs. Jeff Wayne’s picture on the cover kills any sales potential.

If you have a pet cause or are a member of a social action group, poster boy for downtrodden white males Wayne is the comedian who will make you think twice about it. It’s O.K. To Be Right is stand-up comedy about the white man’s burden in modern society. This comic is the flag bearer for the original concept that we are all equal as individuals and any special treatment given to a group is a disservice to real equality. Of course, Big Daddy Jeff Wayne makes this flag waving incredibly funny.

I cannot remember the last time I heard edgy comedy that was not agressively in your face at the same time. Yes, the crowd goes quiet but only because the people are all a bit too sensitive and not because Wayne said anything really controversial and I very much believe Big Daddy Wayne sets his audience up for those pauses just to get them on side with the last punchline of his various routines. It takes a very smart and confident comic to even think of trying to pull that off and it takes an even smarter and confident comedian to actually do it. It takes a smart comedy fan to get this comedy CD

Caveat emptor:¬† Jeff Wayne It’s O.K. To Be Right is a 2008 reissue and repackaging of the 1995 release. Aside from a couple of reference to talk shows of the late nineties the material does not show its age at all; another sign this is smart stuff. This is yet another Uproar! stand-up comedy CD that is going to be a frequent visitor to my CD player. I really, really like this one.

It’s O.K. To Be Right
Jeff Wayne
stand-up comedy CD
Uproar 1995 and 2008

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