Comic Jeff Wayne proves clean comedy does no mean lame stand-up. Jeff Wayne Big Daddy is a very good stand-up comedy CD.

The comedian also shows clean comedy does not have to mean 100% family friendly. There are a few jokes here not meant for your kids’ ears unless you want to explain a bit more about the birds and bees than you want to. Jeff Wayne is as good walking the clean / adult comedy tightrope as Karl Wallenda (before Sao Paulo, Brazil). Unless you object to the word “crap” (used twice), you are going to enjoy this CD.

Big Daddy is not a full show. The seven routines here were taped at different times. This makes for a solid stand-up comedy CD but interferes a bit with the flow (picky, picky).  The first routine here is My Son Wants To Be A Black Rapper. The title pretty much explains this bit that also includes a different enough take on how difficult it is communicating with your teen and a clean joke you do not want to have to explain to your kid.

The Marriage Routine, and again the title says it all, explains why women are never ready at the same time as a guy. There are many moments here a couple will recognize. Guys, laugh at your own risk.

Less impressive, relatively speaking, is The Bell and Whistle. This is a good routine but if you have not been on a cruise there is little here you can connect to.  Caucasian Debris is a very good bit I wish had been expanded.

The last bit on this stand-up comedy CD is The Mouse, a fun bit about humane mouse traps and their consequences. The punchline is excellent.

If there is a weak spot on Jeff Wayne Ship Happens is a couple of the jokes rely on a visual you cannot see.

Just to be perfectly honest: Jeff Wayne Ship Happens was recorded aboard a cruise ship. Do not let the usual cliché get in the way of enjoying this very good stand-up comedy CD. This is very good clean comedy for an adult audience.

Ship Happens
Jeff Wayne
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release
47 minutes

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