Jesse Popp’s You Stink is a fun, lightweight, almost clean stand-up comedy MP3 album.

There is something very ephemeral about the material on You Stink yet a lot of it, such as you can’t just pretend you are busy when you are working on a farm. Even if the material works no matter who you are, this album will best be appreciated by comedy fans in their twenties.

Jesse Popp does very short bits. You Stink opens with a couple of bits about working in dead-end jobs. There is also a very funny bit about a coat-check. This is where Popp shows his ability to find the absurd in a situation. He uses the same skill to answer the age old question “How’d you get into comedy?” and share an experience at a public clinic.

Also funny, and a bit more serious, is The Modern Woman which addresses some people’s skewed values. I would have liked it if Popp had gone further with the premise but that’s me.

You Stink is very varied material wise. Other bits include sidewalk Rolexes, joke books, hot dog eating contests, the fact Henry Ford captured Edison’s last breath in a bottle and what would happen if scientists could use it to clone Edison, joining a gym, seeing a movie 70 times, a couple of school bits, and being picked up on a park bench.

Jesse Popp ends his show a bit too abruptly to my taste.

Investment wise, this comedy mp3 album is a good bet if you like easy listening stand-up.

You Stink
Jesse Popp
Stand-up Comedy Mp3 Album
Comedy Central 2012

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