Touche is a smart and very funny balancing act between clean and adult oriented stand-up comedy.

This stand-up comedy mp3 album has the kind of material that will surprise and please even those who have been into the genre for a long, long time. Ryan Stout delivers a rock solid performance where originality meets weird, offbeat, and wow. Unfortunately, this is another Comedy Central Records MP3 only release

An example of the kind of clever and funny material Ryan Stout does is “The N-word” where he discusses his difficulty in saying vinegar (think about it…). Stout is also smart enough not to milk the bit.

This bit segues into a superb bit on euphemisms relating to anal sex. You’ll have to hear it but believe me, this is one of the smartest language bits ever and right up there with the best Carlin. It is also, as Stout points out, totally clean.

Other strange and funny routines on this stand-up comedy CD include one about a one-armed man complete with, you got to hand it to him, a Def Leppard reference, a short bit about the irony behind the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, a rant about the prevalence of profanity in porn, and a great bit on faulty logic.

Ryan Stout has the very annoying habit of lightly berating the crowd for not getting the joke when it did.

This said, Ryan Stout Touche features the kind of stand-up that lasts

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Ryan Stout
Stand-up Comedy MP3
Comedy Central Records 2011

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