Mo Mandel The M-Word deserves to be available on CD and not only as a stand-up comedy MP3.

Mandel is a very good somewhat aggressive comic with solid if not groundbreaking material. There is not a low point anywhere in this show but it seems to pick up topically at the halfway point. I am old school so as MP3 only release gives the impression the label is not totally behind the release. In this case, that would be very wrong.

Mandel opens with some autobiographical bits where he makes no bones about being Jewish. It is good stuff, especially the quickie about going to Germany. His impressions of Europe are funny but not new.

The material on this stand-up comedy album gets more original with Pee Pee Treats about the comic’s bed wetting days. This is followed by a couple of very good routines about sex with older women, younger women, and lions.

Other solid bits on The M-Word is about performing in Africa, Meth and the UFC. The commentary on American values in LA, Gays, and Driving a Prius and Politically Correct shows Mandel could push himself more material wise.

If he keeps it up, Mo Mandel should have a CD next time.

The M-Word
Mo Mandel
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Comedy Central Records 2011

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