Joe DeRosa takes aim at just about every social irritant and hits each one dead center on his new stand-up comedy MP3 album You Let Me Down.

It is hard to disagree with him and his take on illogical or annoying society is makes for a very funny performance. Many comics do this kind of material but DeRosa is smarter than most when it comes to it. This is not the kind of comedy album you put on to relax. It works best when you are pissed off and need to vent. Video download at Amazon: Joe DeRosa: You Let Me Down

Among irritants are self-entitled people, olympic athletes and how pointless their particular skill is in real life or how easily we freak out over their mistakes. The internet has given everyone a voice but not everyone deserves to be heard no matter how much they value their own opinion or how widespread it can be thanks to Twitter.

Things get a little dark when DeRosa points out what serial killers have in common is being successful at what they do. The reason they get caught, according to him, makes you wonder if it is not actually true.

Other topics include internet porn and how the lack of union representation is responsible for a lot of the problems including it being free; how therapy works, including how abruptly sessions end, and the benefits of mood enhancers; the inevitability of death; and Arizona as the second highest source of assholes.

The closer is a vicious and dead-on attack on celebrities who get away with eveything (Polanski, Chris Brown, R Kelly) or eventually get away with everything and how hypocritical other celebrities are about working with these assholes

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You Let Me Down
Joe DeRosa
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