Joe Zimmerman Dancing With Wolves is a rarity: an excellent, perfectly clean stand-up comedy album.

What makes it even more special is unlike many other clean albums, Wolves is not relationship based. Zimmerman does smart observational humor with a touch of the absurd. This is one comedy MP3 I recommend highly.

During his show Zimmerman reveals what to do if attacked by a turtle, what not to do in the presence of wolves, questions the choice of snakes as a pet, and pokes fun at those who believe in Bigfoot.

To show Zimmerman’s scope, I also enjoyed the bits about the conversational skills of the Neanderthal, the nature of God’s eyes, and Placido Domingo’s 107 curtain calls.

Granted, Smiling at Wolves also has more traditional material about Starbucks, being a poor comic, and the weather. They are still pretty good so it does not matter.

Joe Zimmerman closes his album with a bit about finding a cellphone with Criss Angel’s phone number and the desire to see a movie about Andrew Jackson and his 103 duels.

Smiling at Wolves on Comedy Dynamics easily bears repeated listenings.

I know it is early but I would not be surprised to find this comedy MP3 album on our top 10 for 2014.

Joe Zimmerman
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Comedy Dynamics 2014

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