On The Edge is most appropriate title for the first John Moses stand-up comedy album.

The edge is where Moses often perilously balances yet never falls. This comic says some pretty outrageous things but he sets them up so innocently that by the time you realize you should be shocked it is too late. (“The only way we can keep Mexicans in Mexico is to turn America into a bigger shit hole than Mexico. … Yes we can! – It’s Hailing Mexicans). This is excellent and fresh stand-up without a single weak moment. mp3 at Amazon

Of course there is a bit about the Obama election. Moses does it so it does not sound dated. He also has a very biting comment on white Obama vs. Black Obama. His relationship bit has surprisingly nasty moments many other comics would not get away with. Another bit of stand-up has to do with the difficulty of cheating in the electronic age.

A particularly good routine on this stand-up comedy CD and mp3 is Growing Up Broke. This is one bit that could really be expanded.

On The Edge also includes John Moses’ take on sexual harassment, a great explanation on why bullies are good for your future, a take on marriage, why single mothers are great but not date material, alcoholism, and why big girls give better head (although that last one is more visual than anything else).

On The Edge
John Moses
Originally released Uproar! 2017

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