Jon Berahya’s stand-up comedy album Sketchville has everything you expect in a good sketch comedy download.

The acting and writing talent is obvious as  are the production values. If you like studio recorded sketch comedy, you are going to really enjoy this release.

The album opens with Eastwood Deli owned by the hard ass himself. YourTV is probably prescient in how you can attend neighborhood events by watching them on TV in the comfort of your home. There is something very Monty Python level absurdly funny in The Accused, a skit about a British arrest.

Also bizarrely humorous is the play-by-play for a staring contest. Other tracks feature Thomas Jefferson and John Adams wondering if they should open a chocolate factory, a testimonial about a space pen, a scene taking place during the filming of Casablanca starring Bogart, a narrative poem about a light switch. The download closes with another solid skit about a store that sells fruit baskets that smell like farts: a little juvenile but very funny.

The one weak track on Sketchville is Greenville. Its premise is a conversation between a son and his father on a summer’s evening. The bit runs a bit too long for my taste but the real problem is the sound of crickets in the background is on a permanent and very short loop. It could be me though as I am not a patient listener when it comes to sketch comedy.

Jon Berahya
Sketch Comedy download
Verado Recordings 2015

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