It is understandable that a consumer would approach The Final Rip Off, the two comedy CD set by British comedy troupe Monty Python, a little weary.

We have all been burned by the Contractual Obligations or Matching Tie And Handkerchief albums or CDs (although Contractual Obligations was pretty clear in terms of what Monty Python thought of that particular release). The Final Rip Off, however, is far from that. This 2 CD set is basically Monty Python’s greatest hits and no misses.
Not only do you get the very best of Monty Python sketch comedy but the track order has a certain logic and order that makes listening to either CD a very enjoyable experience. No comedy CD collection is complete without a Monty Python CD and this is the CD to get.

CD one of Monty Python The Final Rip Off opens with the classic Introduction / Constitutional Peasant, the latter being from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This is also the CD that contains other celebrated Monty Python sketches such as Argument, the parrot skit, Travel Agent, Novel Writing (Life From Wessex), Election Special, the Lumberjack Song, and personal favorite Four Yorkshiremen.

CD two of Monty Python The Final Rip Off opens with least favorite track I Like Chinese, but quickly moves on to the Spanish Inquisition sketches and the famous Cheese Shop skit. The Gumby actors make an appearance in The Cherry Orchard, a track that could have been normalized a bit but never has been. Probably the sickest comedy bit by Monty Python is the Architect’s Sketch where an architect used to designing slaughterhouses proposes a housing development: “I had not fully understood your attitude towards the tenants,” is his defense. The Bookshop, one of the weirdest and cleanest Monty Python skits is also there.

Monty Python has always been great at using sound effects in their audio sketches and Famous Person Quiz proves that in a very surreal way. No Monty Python comedy CD anthology would be complete without Nudge Nudge, Bruces, Crocodile, the extremely surreal Cannibalism, Spam, French Taunter, and the very dark Marilyn Monroe. All these tracks are on the second CD.

Some Monty Python comedy sketches are a matter of taste. You either like Eric Idle ditties or you don’t. However you feel about them, Eric the Half-a-Bee Song, Finland Song, the dreadful to some Traffic Lights and I’m So Worried are also there. Still, the very funny and ironic I Bet You Won’t Play This Song On The Radio is on this two CD very best of Monty Python collection.

For those who are familiar with the original tape or vinyl release, the transitions from Side A or Side B have been kept in their exact same place, which is a bit of a weird decision as they could have been moved to reflect the move to the CD format.

Monty Python is a must have in any comedy fan’s CD collection and Monty Python The Final Rip Off is the comedy CD set to get.

The Final Rip-Off
Monty Python
Virgin Records
Distributed by EMI Music Canada

Track List:

CD One:
Constitutional Peasant *
Fish Licence
Eric the Half-a Bee Song
Finland Song
Travel Agent
Are You Embarrassed Easily?
Australian Table Wines
Argument *
Henry Kissinger Song
Parrot (Oh, Not Again) *
Sit On My Face
Novel Writing (Live From Wessex)
Traffic Lights
Cocktail Bar
Four Yorkshiremen *
Election Special
Lumberjack Song *

CD two:
I Like Chinese
Spanish Inquisition Part 1
Cheese Shop *
Cherry Orchard
Architect’s Sketch *
Spanish Inquisition Part 2
Spanish Inquisition Part 3
Comfy Chair
Famous Person Quiz
You Be the Actor
Nudge Nudge *
Cannibalism *
Spanish Inquisition Revisited
I Bet You Won’t Play This Song On The Radio
Bookshop *
Do Wot John
Rock Notes
I’m So Worried About
Crocodile *
French Taunter
Marilyn Monroe
Swamp Castle
French Taunter Part 2
Last Word

* Denotes absolute Monty Python classics


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