I sincerely hope stand-up comic Josh Blue is not a one premise wonder. Blue is funny, original, smart, and just a bit blue. Good Josh, Bad Arm is one of the best first stand-up comedy CD s I have heard.

Josh Blue has cerebral palsy and this explains why he calls himself the “human vibrator” and the premise of all his material. If the name Josh Blue sounds familiar is because you have seen him on Last Comic you can stand.

Blue has to be the only Last Comic Standing winner I think is funny. He is also one cool, self-confident comic whose material is his life, experiences, potential sexual conquests, and cerebral palsy -now there’s a condition in search of a politically correct label.

Very few stand-up comics are as good at audience manipulation as this guy. Josh Blue often sets people up to have the wrong expectation because that is where the joke really is. Some of his routines, like the boarding process for the paraolympic team and the rest of that bit are extremely funny. The other material on Good Josh, Bad Arm is only very funny.

I also liked the running gag of him hitting on a woman in the audience. If she was looking for “a nice guy with a sense of humor”, Blue definitely scored after the show.

If Good Josh, Bad Arm, Josh Blue ‘s first stand-up comedy CD has a weakness is there is you can faintly hear the occasional background conversation as if some people didn’t figure out they were in a comedy club.

Josh Blue is  is a lot better than a hell of a lot of other comics out there. This is one guy I would love to see live.

Josh Blue
Good Josh, Bad Arm
Stand-up Comedy CD
BSeen Media 2008
44 minutes

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