No matter how big a fan of Blue Collar Comedy you are, if you already have the Blue Collar Comedy Tour One For The Road and Live stand-up comedy CDs there is little if any point in getting their latest stand-up comedy compilation

The Best of Blue Collar Comedy. Most if not all of the tracks on this 2 CD set are already available on the previous two releases or the DVD.

You have to give it to the sound engineer who put this Blue Collar CD together: you really do not notice the routines come from different shows. The Best Of opens with Ron White, the least prolific comic of the bunch, and Naked Eating Cheetos. Other tracks include Flew in from Flagstaff, Topless Bar, Just Got Married, ED and Dieting Tips, and Put the Helmet On.

Next up is Bill Engvall who does stand-up on his 16-year-old daughter, skimpy underwear, quitting smoking aka the acupuncture bit, a decent routine on men vs. women, You Need a Massage, and Buying Stuff.

The Best Of Blue Collar Comedy Larry the Cable Guy segment includes the standard Victoria’s Secrets, World’s Largest Margarita, Home Depot, Bass Pro Shop & Wal Mart and a couple of other bits.

CD 2 features Jeff Foxworthy and oddly enough his Best Of is the least repetitive from previous Blue Collar releases: Ice Fishing, Redneck Words, My Family was Rednecks, Courtesy Sniff and a couple of others.

This compilation closes pretty much like the other two releases with the four comics together on stage with Our Favorite Jokes, a Here’s Your Sign segment with contributions by the other comics, Redneck Jokes, I Believe, and a couple of others.

If you do not already have the Blue Collar Comedy Tour CDs, this is a decent deal. Otherwise, pass.

The Best of Blue Collar Comedy
Ron White, Bill Engvall
Larry The Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy
2 stand-up comedy CD
Warner Brothers Nashville 2009

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