Sometimes the reviewer is just plain wrong about a stand-up comedy download.

It took me a long time, a month and a half or so, to figure it out but there you go. I can not get into JT Habersaat’s comedy album–also available as a CD and DVD set Misanthrope (CD with DVD) — and it has nothing to to with Habersaat. Habersaat is a solid comic and Misanthrope is a good album. I need some kind of thread or train of thought to follow within the show and since I did not find it here I can never quite go along for the ride.

Habersaat describes his fan base as thirty-something punk rock fans. It was on the quiet side for the recording of Misanthrope and the material deserved better aknowledgment. Habersaat is a biographical comic who mostly tells story about being on the road and meeting fans, life when you are in your thirties or millenials and people with shitty jobs, or the rise of prolapsed anal porn.

I must say the tracks Hell Is Still Other People where the comic presents his take on what heaven and hell are. Sounds good to me.

I also like long-form comedy so the story of The Grant’s Pass Nightmare about a small town weird people gig way back when also worked for me. There are so many great images and scenes in this story I had to listen to it a few times to really appreciate the visual picture.

Misanthrope is a solid album. Maybe I am just getting old.

JT Habersaat
Stand-up Comedy download album
Stand Up! Records 2016

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