Flip Schultz always gives a good show. Our many reviews of his past releases attest to that. Aside from its rather gimmicky title, his 2016 release Flipzophrenic is an excellent comedy download album where a comic in very fine form has as much fun on stage as the audience has watching him and as you will listening to it.

Schultz is blessed by the god of comedy right off the bat with Brad and Tiffany, a couple who have been going out for just 5 days and for whom everything is already working out. What I like about Schultz’ crowd work is he teases the audience members just enough for it to be funny but never enough to be mean.

The Walking Dead raises a few questions for Flip Schultz and it is a great bit as it is just long enough to entertain both fans and non-fans of the series. There is a joke in there everybody who hears it will repeat at work the next day. We can all relate to the comic’s story about being caught in a YouTube viewing chain and happening upon a Japanese McD’s ad.

Being a fan of long form stand-up comedy, I wish the comedian had done more with the premise of growing up with two special ed teachers as parents but he does have a good story about supper at the Schultz house. The German landlady bit is funny too but I would love to hear what the crowd reaction would be if the joke was “and there’s the oven” but it may be a bit too dark.

Also excellent is the story about he and his wife taking their honeymoon trip a few years after the wedding.  It sets up a great story about taking a gondola ride and a singing gondolier and the modernization of the art. This bit is part of a longer set of connected stories about married life. It closes with a great story about life on cruise ships and why an Italian cruise ship captain is best.

The one weak routine on this Flip Schultz comedy download is New Curse Words. The premise is how network TV will replace swear words with harmless words when it broadcasts movies (shoot instead of shit for example). Schultz’ take is perhaps the replacement words will become four-letter words. Parts of the bit work but I got the feeling a little more polish would have made for a much funnier and memorable piece.

Flipzophrenic closes with two bonus tracks featuring the comic doing some crowd work.I like it when bonus tracks are as good as the rest of the CD and that is the case here.

Flip Schultz
Comedy download or CD
Independent Release 2016

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