Being Adam Hunter is a decent stand-up comedy CD.

Hunter is a comic who specializes in very loosely tied usually rapid fire one-liners. Most of these jokes are good to very funny but the occasional standard comedy club fare joke takes away from the whole. For example a good Mardi Gras in the Middle East bit is preceded by standard airport / airplane jokes. All in all this stand-up comedy CD is a good first release for a young comic. I am probably being a bit unfair to Being Adam Hunter as I think the comic is somewhat better that what he generally delivers here.

Hunter’s approach to stand-up allows him to cover a lot of comedy ground in his 42 minute set. This creates a series of hit and miss moments, mostly hit, that entertain the listener but the pace and complete lack of segues make it hard to listen attentively to the comic’s performance thus taking something away from it. This gives this comedy performance an unfocused feel that is somewhat unfair to the comic.

What I found rather disappointing is Hunter has some extremely good premises but only uses the one liner joke from it. For example, the seemingly autobiographical bit where his mom tries to kidnap him while riding a Big Wheel is comedy gold that is not panned out.

I am also not a prude at all when it comes to stand-up but get annoyed when a comic uses easy dick jokes and blue language to spice things up when in fact he really does not need to do so. This is sometimes the case here.

The weakness of this stand-up comedy CD is Adam Hunter forgets he is recording and does a few audience interaction bits that really do not translate well as audio only. One instance is especially long.

Being Adam Hunter
Adam Hunter
Stand-up Comedy CD
Uproar 2009
42 minutes

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