Keith Lowell Jensen Cats Made Of Rabbits is a good almost very good stand-up comedy DVD.

The comic has some very funny, original, and sometimes daring material like Adam and Eagle but the odd banal bit takes away from the whole. He also sometimes works very blue for no particular reason aside from shock value and that also takes away from the show. In the end, you get the feeling Keith Lowell Jensen is a bit better a comic than what he delivers on his comedy download

Material like Crazy Dick Party which associates God to penises and creationists is preceded with a bit about hotel room porn. Otherwise solid routines such as We’re Pregnant have generic lines such as “Well, I didn’t have a kid, my wife had the kid.”

There’s even a daring bit titled Adam & Eagle that makes its point in a most original way.

On the other hand, Pickin on the Hindus needs work, especially its set up.

This is an independent production and you would be hard pressed to find anything low budget about it.

Cats Made Of Rabbits by Keith Lowell Jensen is also available as a CD

Cats Made Of Rabbits
Keith Lowell Jensen
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Independent Release
Apprehensive Films 2011

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