Corey Adam is a one of a kind comic. Jokes is a very good stand-up comedy CD or MP3 album that anyone who has an adult sense of humor and a taste for the absurd will enjoy.

There is something for any kind of listener here and that is its only weak point. Each listener will find a routine that is rather banal or uninteresting and it will vary with each listener; all the other tracks are solid though.

Adam starts off with a somewhat standard bit on parachuting and checking your equipment. The track I found not to my taste is the one about the memorial tattoo he got on his arm and how it gets in the way of some … intimate moment. After that it was pretty smooth sailing

Corey Adam mentions a few times he is not very wealthy. This makes the wisdom teeth bit, which is really about how absurd the medical system can be, that much more bizarre. His various experiences about being waiter are above average for the shit job bit.

The highlights of this comedy CD are Taquito Bandit and Wendy’s Drive Thru [Explicit]. The former is a story of how to get 4 or 5 meals out of 2 gas station hot-dogs. The story within the story is a nice added bonus.

If you want just a taste of Corey Adam Jokes before committing to the full album Wendy’s Drive Thru is a superb absurdist bit built around a very simple question Adam asks an employee. It is here that Adam really shines. I hope he has more of this kind of stand-up material on his next album.

Stand-up comedy download or CD
Corey Adam
Stand Up! Records 2018

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