Good Clean Fun, The Very Best of Keith Malley is a very good stand-up comedy album.

Malley, of the Keith and the Girl podcast fame, had the excellent idea of doing a greatest hits of his previous nine comedy CDs but doing it live and doing the material clean. Malley’s first release was one of our first reviews when theseriouscomedysite started some ten years ago. Based on Good Clean Fun, it has been my loss for not keeping up.

Malley opens by explaining the idea behind this particular show and a solid slam on comics who riff with the audience only to put it down. The solution he proposes to audience members if they ever get caught in that situation is both elegant and deadly to the comic.

This is followed by a very funny bit on people who answer “Whatever you want or whatever you have” when you or a barman asks “Can I get you something.”  The story about being a trainee for a soon-to-open Applebee’s is good and segues very nicely into a the pretentiousness of some restaurants and customers.

Worth repeating to your friends is Malley’s quip that the only problem with a democratic government is it involves people. His take on the government, politics, and democracy is very, very smart and funny.

Keeping it clean is a bit of a task for the comic but he manages to pull it off, sometimes by saying things like “I don’t give a defecation” to about the middle of the show and the routine about Twitter and Facebook.

His observation that we are the people that we looked up to is excellent. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really go somewhere with such a solid premise.

The show comes full circle with Looking For Work about his early days and an odd job interview.

The encore is sort of behind the scenes bit.

Keith Malley Good Clean Fun may not be perfectly clean, but it sure is good.

Good Clean Fun
The Very Best of Keith Malley
Keith Malley
Stand-up Comedy MP3 and CD
Independent Release 2013

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