This is one funny guy. Flip Schultz is a very original and energetic comic whose comedic palette has more colors than many well-known stand-up comedians who have their own sitcom.

He is also, on stage and on this stand-up comedy CD, a very generous standup who stands out not only because of some of his material but also because he takes even the most standard premise to places they have never been before. Super Dork! is an excellent independent release comedy cod.

An observational and biographical comedian, Flip Schultz’s best bits on this funny CD are the tracks about, of all things Afghanistan and what an Afghani comic would sound like. This is wicked, over the top, dark and very humorous stuff. He also excels on Disney’s to Blame with his take on what Snow White’s bitchy girlfriend would sound like.

The only weak spot, comparatively speaking, is My Ex. This bit is a bit long, self-indulgent, and, on this CD, way too loud (a bit of a problem on this CD is the volume peaks). Still, this is but a glitch on an otherwise solid comedy CD

Tracks like Flying, My High School Reunion , Reality Shows and Video Shows are also personal favorites on this cod so it t is difficult to pick a very best track. On originality alone, the bit on Video Shows with the guy from New Yawk who catches a shark and then gets interviewed on TV. What kills in this is Schultz gives you what the edited for television (i.e. censored) version would sound like.

Flip Schultz Superdork! is also available as the independent release DVD What Are You Laughing At!? which contains quite a few bonus tracks and is even better because you get to see this guy in action.

Flip Schultz
stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release

Superdork Track List:

1. Tulsa
2. Back In Florida
3. Politics As Unusual
4. Violence in Afghanistan
5. The Afghanistand Up Comic
6. My High School Reunion
7. A Little Crowd Work
8. My Ex
9. Disney’s To Blame
10. Dating in L.A.
11- Flying
12. Fantasy Quitting
13. Reality Shows
14. Video Shows
15. Being Arnold Schwarzenegger
16. Pokemon Products
17. Boy Bands Made Easy
18, Yup … I Did It Again!
19. The Real Greg Brady


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