Kyle Cease is a young comic who, to this Canadian, looks like a slim version of Brent Butt of Corner Gas fame. This factoid has no relevance whatsoever in regards to One Dimple, his stand-up CD and DVD Comedy Central release.

Cease is a good stand-up comic and, though like many young college circuit comedians, needs a little more life experience to get a little more serious material he can work with, he is better than most I have heard.

It took me a while to get into this stand-up comedy CD and want to listen to it because the first couple of tracks are just totally lame: “This is me telling you this is track one of the CD. That’s track 2 me telling you what track one was…”  It is a first impression that does not help Cease on One Dimple. Track 4 is when One Dimple really starts so Cease opens with airline and lost luggage material. Not that it’s not good comedy but airline and lost luggage is so done it’s been composted.

Kyle Cease really hits his stride with Generation Nintendo. This is material that not only plays to his audience but shows how well Kyle Cease can build a joke when he gets closer to his own experience. His rap material is also stuff his audience gets and relates to. If you are not into rap, well there you go.

Still, the rest of this bit is his Pillsbury Doughboy joke and he has an original take on that. I liked the somewhat darker side this joke hinted at and it is something I hope Cease develops as time goes by.

Some of the material on One Dimple crosses over to a general audience. I wish he had done more with the recess premise before going on into his political stuff. His political material and elementary school is also good and a little dark.

This stand-up comedy CD basically gets better as you go along. The God and the Virgin Mary on Maury Povich bit is good stuff and segues nicely into some Kraft Dinner bit. I also enjoyed his bit on old people, an easy comedy target though Cease finds new ammo for it.

The last couple of tracks are more college audience stuff but that is this comic’s bread and butter. I could care less for the bonus sketch phone bit at the end which is simply filler.

Kyle Cease One Dimple is one of those Comedy Central CD/DVD packages and I always appreciate that extra bang for your buck.

The One Dimple DVD features Kyle Cease‘s road movie of performing on the college circuit for a year. I kind of liked it though I wish there had been more moments where you can see how hard it is to perform on the college circuit and the lousy rooms and less of Cease’s diary style talking to the camera. It also includes 5 minutes of his Premium Blend appearance.

One Dimple
Kyle Cease
Stand-up Comedy CD / DVD
Comedy Central Records 2006

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