A comic in his early thirties is at a crossroads: Too old for the college crowd and that kind of material, too young for the kind of material that will interest the married crowd. This is something Michael Malone cleverly faces head on in Thirty One, a solid show that will please any comedy fan no matter the demographic. The one caveat for this MP3 album is Malone’s lazy use of the f-word.

Thirty One Opens with a bit about having a baby but it not his. This segues elegantly into an original commentary on men’s need for validation. Malone’s ability to sneak in a dark streak is most evident in a track like Thirty One and “We go hiking … cause my girlfriend’s white.” and the too short for my taste but superb After Life Enhancements on how plastic surgery is best for the showing.

The last third of the show features material about porn, men and women, and a couple of sex related stories including one about being caught by his mom. It definitely on the raunchy side but not particularly nasty.

Released by Uproar! Thirty One is the second Michael Malone album we have reviewed. This one shows he is a comic you want to keep track of.

Thirty One
Michael Malone
Comedy Album
Uproar! 2015

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