Damage Control is the only sketch comedy group I actually enjoy on a consistent basis and I am not normally a fan of that kind of stuff. The Adventures of Johnny Buttnutt, their third independent release sketch comedy CD after Santa’s Crack and The Da Vinci Commode, features 32 short sketches that are very funny, fairly offensive, and extremely well done: your basic Damage Control trademark.

Part of what makes The Adventures of Johnny Buttnutt and a Damage Control CD enjoyable is the set-up: you are listening to radio station WSUK which features a variety of programs and weirder commercials than WKRP ever did. Even fans of this sketch comedy group who go to the website on a regular basis will enjoy the new versions of some classics such as Horny Old Pirate and appreciate hearing the should have been a Billboard hit Save Your Balls For Jesus. This, by the way, should prepare you for the Rockin’ Rapture Monster Truck rally.

The weakness of most comedy sketches and groups is they tend to milk the bit way past its expiry date. This is something Damage Control almost never does. Also, this group has a variety of sketches and topics few other groups manage. A few of my many favorites on The Adventures of Johnny Buttnutt CD are BS Language Course (which is also available as a video featuring Jay Hewlett on the Damage Control Website), Golf Clothes For Gays -I didn’t know you had to specify that-and Sue Somebody, a great take on the lawyer commercials you hear on the radio and see on TV. I also liked how My Mama Mia Is Moving Out is a great slam of some Broadway adaptations of adaptations of adaptations shows.

There are a few longer sketches such as Fantastic Fornicators, which works, and the lesser 3-part Ghetto Girl which is the only bit I think does not work past the first few minutes. The two nothing tracks that almost close this sketch comedy CD are something I have yet to understand though the closing bit, Horny Manatee, is definitely the most bizarre sketch on this CD though something Jim Gaffigan would certainly enjoy.

My one complaint about Damage Control The Adventures of Johnny Buttnutt is the track list is not numbered so it’s a bit difficult to jump to a personal favorite so your friends can listen to it.

The Adventures of Johnny Buttnutt
Damage Control
Sketch Comedy CD
Independent Release 2007
56 minutes

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