Warning: Lenny Bruce Is Out Again
Lenny Bruce
Independent Release Comedy CD
Limited to 999 copies

There is no doubt Lenny Bruce is an icon of stand-up comedy. Even the casual fan of comedy has heard of Lenny Bruce, be it if only mentioned in passing by other stand-up comics. Unfortunately, the Lenny Bruce name has become misused by many weaker stand-up comedians who use the name to justify their use of mature, politically incorrect, blue language while in reality they use such language for cheap laughs and punch lines that cover up their lack of real comedic talent.

These comics should get themselves or should be given a copy of Warning: Lenny Bruce Is Out Again, an independent comedy CD that comprises the 10′ release Warning, the 12′ Lenny Bruce Is Out Again, and three somewhat mysterious bonus tracks for an Arthur Godfrey talent session on 4-18-49.

Warning: Lenny Bruce Is Out Again is a fascinating comedy CD. Not only because in this reviewer’s mind its origins and current label are somewhat mysterious but also because this comedy CD is by far superior in content and sound quality -do not forget the original tracks were recorded in the early sixties so do not expect absolutely crisp sound, it is in fact somewhat tinny-to any major label version of the work of Lenny Bruce and especially superior to the 2 CDs Rhino Records released in the mid-nineties. Warning: Lenny Bruce Is Out Again is also just as fascinating because of the language used by Lenny Bruce: No European-American stand-up comic can get away with using the “N word” nowadays and, true, the “N word” in the sixties was being used and abused but Lenny Bruce managed to use it without any racial prejudice behind it.

Without a doubt the best tracks on this independent comedy CD are To is a Preposition, Come is a Verb from Warning, and the uncensored Is That Obscene? from Lenny Bruce Is Out Again. God’s Obscenity Rule of Thumb is another example of the talent Lenny Bruce had for going to the mundane version of an expression such as eating to the “mature language” version of the exact same expression: it is also where Bruce pleads that any man’s beliefs should be as respected as the established religious beliefs.

The three tracks of the Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts are also a must for any Lenny Bruce fan and feature a rare musical number by Lenny Bruce.

A caveat, some of the references made by Lenny Bruce will be lost to a modern audience but such is life.

Track List:
Bunch of Cocksuckers
Dirty Toilets
Atheists, Bar Workmanship and Religious Leaders
The Truth Is, What Is
Your Truly, C.E. Hoxley
My Father Solomon Austroe
A Stunning Seaman Type
Harry Danny (Solomon Austroe Revisited)
To is a Preposition, Come is a Verb
Are There Any Niggers Here Tonite?
Beautiful Choice Of Interracial Marriage
Jerry Lewis Clap-A-Thon
Christ and Moses, Come On Down
Bloody Discrimination
My Favorite Phone Company
Monkeying Around With Tarzan
Bet You Can Take 8 Inches – Fat Boy Buddy Bob
A Violation is a Moving Thing
Jewish Husbands Make The Best Mothers
You’ll Be On The Air Soon
Jewish Christ Death – Statues of Limitations
Racial Profiles and Gods
God’s Obscenity Rule of Thumb
Thank You Masked Man
Is That Obscene?
Hot Lead And Phones Up The Ass
ZigZag Papers Cover-Ups
Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts 4-18-49 (three tracks)


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