Santa’s Crack
Damage Control
Independent Release Comedy CD
Mature language and topics

This is an ideal gift for your favorite Christmas grinch (and it could be you). Far beyond the syrupy feel-good little drummer boy saw kissing Santa Claus away by a manger on a white Christmas garbage foisted upon us unwilling victims of commercialization comes Damage Control Comedy Crew Santa’s Crack. This is definitely not a comedy cd for people who wear rose-colored glasses and think a light bulb joke is the cat’s pajamas. This is rude, obnoxious, crude and over the top Christmas comedy by a comedy group that has been a fixture of Internet available comedy for a while now. Santa’s Crack by the Damage Control Comedy Crew is a very funny trashing of the season to be jolly.

The setup on this comedy cd by Damage Control Comedy Crew is your basic comedy radio show slash morning man drive-time radio dj. The 35 tracks on Santa’s Crack are funny sketches about phone calls to the host, fake funny commercials for ghetto mart (yes, a stab at that other big wall to wall mart, funny public service announcements and, my favorite, the dangers of singing Christmas songs when you go caroling and the joy of returning gifts.

What makes this comedy cd work is continuity. The setup of the radio show with a host called the Reaper allows Damage Control Comedy Crew to tie in everything so that none of the funny jokes and funny sketches seem out of place. Of course, on a comedy cd like Santa’s Crack a few of the jokes and funny skits are objectionable. There’s something about a fake Black accent (to my ears) on Ghetto Mart Holiday that rubs me the wrong way. Then again, all comedy is a matter of taste and timing and on another day, I might not have noticed. The production values on this comedy cd are excellent and even the many fart jokes sound very realistic

True, not all of the Damage Control Comedy Crew funny sketches are brilliant and a few, in my humble opinion, suffer from Saturday Night Live fever and run too long, but overall Santa’s Crack is a solid comedy cd. The only limitation to Damage Control Comedy Crew and Santa’s Crack is a dearth of voices so after a while you get the same guys taking different voices for variety’s sake: this is probably to be expected from a funny comedy group and a comedy cd with 35 funny skits.


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