If These Balls Could Talk is a solid stand-up comedy MP3 release by Louis Katz.

This release seems to take the Records out of Comedy Central Records as it seems to be unavailable on CD. I am old school and like to have some kind a CD and an official jewel case and artwork so my collection does not look pirated. Louis Katz is a relaxed style, self-deprecating, adult language and topic stand-up comic. If These Balls Could Talk features quite a few original bits and no weak moments. It also made our 2011 top 10 comedy list

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Katz opens with a dig at himself to set the tone for the show. This is followed by a very funny bit about BBWs before an excellent biographical bit about what it is like having sex when you have really bad eyesight. This is a stand-up bit that features a visual element lost here.

All but one of the routines on this stand-up comedy MP3 release are under three minutes. Katz has the talent to make everything flow so you never get that choppy, what s the next bit on my set list? feeling lesser comics give off. He also has a preference for sex jokes but somehow manages to make that not as obvious as it could be.

Amongst the other good routines on If These Balls Could Talk by Louis Katz isĀ  Chanukah / Christmas.

This is the kind of stand-up comedy that sticks around the MP3 playlist for quite a while.

If These Balls Could Talk
Louis Katz
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Album
Comedy Central Records 2011

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