Live In Concert Direct From Montreal
Sugar Sammy
Stand-Up Comedy DVD
VSC 2011
71 minutes

Sugar Sammy s first stand-up comedy DVD was appropriately enough filmed in his hometown of Montreal during the 2010 Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. This is a solid show though non-Canadian audiences will miss quite a few of the very local references. Considering this comic works in English, French, Hindi, and Punjabi, it is worth mentioning this is an adult and English language show. If you have seen this comic in concert or on YouTube you are going to enjoy this DVD but the comedy does not travel as well as the comic himself.

After the local stuff to endear himself to the local audience Sugar Sammy does a bit about still living at home. Though a good, you get the feeling this is some early material. This is redeemed by a really funny and raunchy routine about his dad s pronunciation of various household goods like ass cream / ice cream.

This is followed by a bit about airplanes and travelling around the world as a comic in exotic places like Dubai and Montreal.

Sugar Sammy s set is certainly not tight and that is part of why it works. There is a little of everything including dating various kinds of girls, solid riffing with the audience, a couple of digs at Americans, various musical genres and a dig at British stars.

There is a thirteen-minute routine beginning at the 40-minute mark that is going to be lost by the majority of the people watching this comedy DVD. It is about growing up in Montreal, going to Quebecois schools, and the different types in the province.

The show lags a bit after that with a long bit on Sammy s female conquests and such.

The one really weak bit is the Dateline NBC Predator bit. That and the very lame pre-show opening sequence.

In terms of production values this stand-up comedy DVD has it. The only really annoying thing is the occasional camera angle from the back through wine glasses and, yes, a column that are part of the set decoration.

Special features on the Sugar Sammy DVD are a 5-minute clip from the 2008 Just For Laughs Ethnic Show and more footage from the lame pre-show intro.

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