If you like smart stand-up by a non-aggressive adult material comic, this is a show you will want to catch the first 6 minutes and only the first six minutes of this show: Chewed Up is a painful descent into plain bad material. I had been wondering why Louis C.K. was not more popular outside the comedy world than he was; now I know.

Louis C.K. opens the show with a very good bit on language. His take on the expression “the N word” is especially good. Unfortunately, it is downhill on an Olympic bobsled run all the way after that

The comedian follows the language bit with a good routine on a barista and then literally goes down the toilet with a few minutes on fat, bowel movements, and what his dick looks like in briefs. The dichotomy is such it is hard to believe the routines are by the same comic. The briefs bit runs, get it?, a bit long. This is followed by an overly long Cinnabon bit only a rookie comic could come up with for his first open mic gig.

Just as ordinary are the bits on aging, Louis C.K.’s grandmother and her doctor. The comedian pretty much reaches the bottom of the barrel with the next bi involving, believe it or not, cumming on your pet.

If you have ever wondered what a comic is using language and adult material to cover a lack of talent and anything relevant to say looks like watch Chewed Up by Louis C.K.

Chewed Up
Louis C.K.
Stand-Up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2008
60 minutes

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