Mitch All Together was Mitch Hedberg’s first major label stand-up comedy CD after his very successful independent release Strategic Grill Locations which was reissued on Comedy Central.

Mitch All Together is a CD / DVD set, the CD being recorded in Minneapolis in 2003 while the DVD features an original and uncut version of his Comedy Central Presents show as well as a five and a half minute set shown on Premium Blend.

Though Hedberg (1968-2005) once said he may not be a household name because most of his fans lives in apartments, reaction to news of his death revealed how different and original this stand-up comic was and how respected he was amongst his peers.

Mitch Hedberg had a low-key one liner approach to stand-up comedy much like the great Steven Wright. His act was a series of non-sequitur short observational jokes that relied on Hedberg’s appreciation for the language, the surreality of every day life, and how the mundane, such as sesame seeds, pop, business cards, or the buoyancy of citrus could be a source of laughter.

Listening to Mitch All Together quickly reveals Hedberg’s wide range of interest from this doctor he saw who only took some blood “Never go to Dr. Acula” to having an ant farm and discovering the ants weren’t growing anything.

Perhaps the best yardstick to see if a comic is truly original is to figure out if another stand-up comic could steal the material and get away with it. When it comes to Mitch Hedberg it is obvious the thief would have been spotted immediately.

Nobody looked at things quite like Hedberg and nobody had Hedberg’s looking down at his feet, sunglasses, long hair in front of his eyes, very little eye contact approach to stand-up comedy.

Mitch All Together is an excellent stand-up comedy CD. The material will never sound dated and listeners will always enjoy listening to it again. There are so many great Hedberg one-liners that his fans will, for a long time to come, be telling each other their favorite. “A rotisserie is a morbid Ferris wheel for chickens.” “I bought myself a parrot, the parrot talked. It never said it was hungry so it died.”

Mitch All Together
Mitch Hedberg
Comedy Central Records 2003
CD 39 minutes
DVD 60 minutes total

Track list CD

This CD is in stores
Not track five, not chainsaw juggler
Candy bars
The pipe
Business cards
Sesame seeds
Three easy payments
Saved by the buoyancy of citrus
Mitch in the S’th
Bed and breakfast
Movie pot


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